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We provide safe, clean drinking water to homes in Southern Ontario.

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All work is performed by licensed well technicians in accordance with Ontario Reg. 903

bored Well vs drilled Well - What's the difference?

Bored wells are created using a rotary bucket, with concrete casings installed to form a well of 36” or 48” diameter. The large size provides substantial volumes of water per vertical foot. High volumes mean plenty of water on demand, even from slow-producing aquifers. Shallower wells mean less chance of hard, mineralized water. Most bored wells can provide hundreds of gallons of clear, fresh water with just 30’-60’ of depth. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule service.

Drilled wells are literally drilled into the ground, using a 4”, 5” or 6” steel pipe as the casing. Because of their small diameters, drilled wells must be very deep (150’-200’) to ensure enough flow of water is in the well to meet the demands of the domestic household. This extra depth often finds water that is hard or mineralized. Minerals such as sulphur or salt can render the water unusable.

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We are a member of the Ontario Ground Water Association.